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A new variation of our bestseller necklaces that enhances wellbeing. A simple heart design combining aromatherapy and colour therapy to promote optimism



Fresh and clean blend of peppermint, rosemary, vanilla bean with a hint of citrus


COLOUR: Yellow, uplifts spirits, gives warmth and happiness


This charming HEART INSPIRE aromatherapy necklace promotes optimism and motivation; it features a heart shaped pendant in sunny yellow, a colour associated with uplifted spirits, warmth and happiness. Fill the diffuser pendant with this fresh and clean blend of aromatic essential oils and let it diffuse throughout the day to help you overcome frustration and stay resilient whatever life throws your way.


Each of our essential oils are thoroughly tested with the strict CPTG, Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade A quality protocol for superior quality.


Packaged in an elegant grey box with full instructions on how to use, these necklaces are the perfect wellbeing gifts for this year.


14 carat goldfill chain
22” long with goldfill magnet clasp

Heart Aromatherapy Necklace: INSPIRE

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